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We only sell our own essential oils that are distilled in-house, so we can ensure that all best practices are observed through the entire harvest and production process. Our inventory changes with the seasons.

We take transparency seriously. Unless otherwise clearly stated, you are getting 100% pure, species-authentic essential oil that has been carefully and sustainably harvested by hand, steam-distilled in stainless steel and the oils handled, stored and bottled in sanitary dark glass. Also, in the interest of transparency, our labels tell you the batch number, plant parts used and the weight of the plant material that made that bottle of oil.

We have a flat $4.00 shipping & handling fee for orders under $50 and free shipping for website orders over $50. If you are interested in larger quantities of our essential oils or carrying them in your retail shop, please contact us for wholesale pricing.

Our essential oils (including a few species not available on the website) are also available at these retail shops.

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