White Pine Essential Oil

100% Pure Pinus strobus essential oil. White Pine is a dominant Southern Appalachian forest species that grows fast and large. The aroma of the essential oil is of fresh pine with slight balsamic and turpentine notes. A very familiar scent for locals! White Pine oil is powerfully cleansing and refreshing. No-spray, wild-crafted.

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We steam-distill our White Pine essential oil from fallen trees and responsibly pruned lower branches on our forest farm and other farms in Madison County, NC. The pruning process helps the health of the trees by removing and reducing the infiltration of invasive vines. No-Spray, Wild-Crafted. Each 5ml bottle contains the pure aromatic essence of 1.7lbs of fresh needles and branches.

P1050387Before pruning.








After pruning.


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2 ml Sample Size ($4), 5 ml Bottle ($10), 10 ml Bottle ($18), 15 ml Bottle ($25), 30 ml Bottle ($40)


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