Christmas Tree in a Bottle

We are now offering pure Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri) essential oil, just in time for the holidays! Have a plastic tree? Add the beautiful, familiar scent of a real tree with our Fraser Fir essential oil! This is 100% pure essential oil distilled from “waste” trimmings of Christmas trees grown in Western North Carolina. These trees were not grown organically so we caution against using this essential oil therapeutically, however it makes an amazing fragrance oil! You can purchase this essential oil in our online shop right now (with shipping included)! As of this writing, we have not been able to find any other suppliers of Fraser Fir essential oil.

For those interested in the therapeutic uses of Fraser Fir essential oil, please be patient and check back soon as we are currently seeking relationships with organic growers.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree in a Bottle

  1. Great fragrance for making everyone think my “plastic” tree is real! I cut some green felt strips, added a few drops of the oil and hung them in the center of the tree. What a great smell! Had company for the weekend and I noticed people touching my tree to determine if it really was artificial. My 9 yr old grand-daughter kept saying it was a trick. My daughter walked in the back door going “I can’t believe you brought a real tree this year.” BTW my new artificial tree looks identical to a Fraser Fir so the smell could not have been any better than this. Thanks Ian for this wonderful oil!!! LH

  2. Hope you are still making the fraser fir oil! It has been a CRAZY last couple of years, so not even sure your company made it, but I hope so.

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