Spring is Here, Let’s Plant


Happy St. Paddy’s day! Happy Spring too (March 20th)! Another week has flown by and our cause has continued to spread in Asheville and beyond! We have raised over $2,600 and the campaign has been visited 1,450 times! Thank you for your help so far! Let’s bring it home with the best week yet! Our Indiegogo campaign ends in 7 days; Thursday, March 26th at 11:59 pm (PST).

We can build the still, new contributions help plant the greenhouse.

Since our campaign has exceeded $2,500 we can now build a (slightly smaller) distillation unit! This means that all new contributions go toward planting the greenhouse and securing feedstock for our inaugural distillations! Our next goal is $5,000. At this funding level we will be able to: build our distillation unit, secure wild-harvested essential oil feedstock, distill wild-harvested essential oils and hydrosols, begin organic seedlings and prepare the greenhouse for transplanting in May!

Local Enthusiasm Keeps Blowing Us Away

Whenever we share our vision with local healing arts practitioners and natural product makers we are rewarded with enthusiasm across the board! We have been speaking with local aromatherapists, massage therapists, herbalists, acupuncturists, aromatherapy product blenders, soap and beauty product makers and natural product associations! The comment that we keep hearing is ubiquitous: “I have been wanting a local essential oil producer for years!”

The Final Week

We’re going to need your help to reach that $5,000. If you’ve been watching this campaign and have not yet contributed, now is the time! If you shared us early in the campaign, thank you and please do so again! This is the final push, let’s make it happen!

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