Lemon Essential Oil


100% Pure Lemon (Citrus limon) Essential Oil. Steam-distilled in Western North Carolina from “waste” juiced, organic Lemon peels sourced from a local Ginger Beer and soft drink manufacturer. Smells like pure, beautiful and potent Lemon zest.

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Batch LCL-001

We have partnered with Devil’s Foot Brewing to turn their “waste” organic Lemon peels into beautiful pure Lemon essential oil! Devil’s Foot juices and zests the lemons to flavor their sparkling lemonade. Then we steam-distill the fresh peels.






We also distill their lemon zest and peeled rinds.






The result is a 100% pure Lemon essential oil that smells incredible! Lemon oil is traditionally cold-pressed and comes out clear. Steam-distilled Lemon oil has an amber tint.


Citrus oils are photo-sensitizing; meaning that if used topically and exposed to the sun, they can cause irritation or a rash. While lemon oil can be a great astringent, we recommend dilution (1%-5%) before topical use (and not before going out in the sun). It is also anti-bacterial and a powerful solvent so makes a great addition to surface cleaners.

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2 ml Sample Size Dropper ($7), 5 ml Euro Dropper ($16), 10 ml Euro Dropper ($30)


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