White Pine Essential Oil


100% Pure Pinus strobus essential oil. Eastern White Pine is a dominant Southern Appalachian forest conifer that grows fast and large. The aroma of the essential oil is of fresh clean pine with slight balsamic and soapy notes. A very familiar scent for people all over Eastern North America! White Pine oil is powerfully cleansing and refreshing. No-spray, wild-harvested.


Batch PS-010 (September, 2023):

Before Harvest/PruningThis batch of Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) essential oil was made from the needles and small branches pruned from a single tree on a no-spray homestead in Marshall, NC. The tree’s lower branches were threatening a residential power line. Future batches will likely come from this same tree as it will eventually (and unfortunately) need to be felled. Worry not, the larger power line cut behind the tree is maintained by goats and a horse rather than pesticides!

Pinus strobus is a widespread Appalachian (+ New England, Eastern Canada and Midwest) native species. The vast old-growth stands of it during colonial times were regarded as highly important sources of quality timber for ship-building.

After Harvest/PruningEach 5ml bottle contains the pure, crystal clear essence from 1.5 lbs of needles and small branches. Like other Pine oils, White Pine Essential Oil is cleansing and deodorizing, but it has a “cleaner” and more delicate aroma than most Pine oils that have more turpentine notes. It’s perfect for adding to an unscented liquid dish or hand soap, to surface cleaners or simply for use in a diffuser to remove unpleasant odors, clarify a room’s energy and promote deep-breathing.*


Distilling White Pine Essential Oil

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2 ml Sample Size ($10), 5 ml Bottle ($20), 10 ml Bottle ($36), 15 ml Bottle ($50)


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