White Pine Essential Oil

100% Pure Pinus strobus essential oil. White Pine is a dominant Southern Appalachian forest species that grows fast and large. The aroma of the essential oil is of fresh pine with slight balsamic and soapy notes. A very familiar scent for locals! White Pine oil is powerfully cleansing and refreshing. No-spray, wild-crafted.

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Batch PS-006 (March, 2019):

This batch of Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine) essential oil was made from the needles and branches of wild small trees that were thinned according to a forest management plan on private property in Marshall, NC. As a former cow pasture, this young forest was full of White Pine saplings that would quickly out-compete other trees like Oak, Cherry and Hemlock.  Pinus strobus is a Southern Appalachian native species but since it grows so fast, it can lead to reduced forest diversity in new and re-claimed forest sites.

Each 5ml bottle contains the pure, crystal clear essence from 2.5 lbs of needles and small branches. Like other Pine oils, White Pine Essential Oil is cleansing and deodorizing, but it has a “cleaner” and lighter aroma than most Pine oils that have more turpentine notes. It’s perfect for adding to an unscented liquid dish or hand soap, to surface cleaners or simply for use in a diffuser to remove unpleasant odors, clarify a room’s energy and promote deep-breathing.*

White Pine essential oil separating from hydrosol.

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