English & French Lavender Essential Oil


100% Pure co-distilled essential oil, steam-distilled from dried bundles of English and French Lavender Flowers. This “Maryland Special” batch was made at the 2023 Maryland Lavender Festival.


Batch LAS-001: (Maryland Special –┬áJune, 2023)

We distilled this essential oil during a demonstration at the 2023 Maryland Lavender Festival at Springfield Manor (a lavender farm, inn, winery, brewery, distillery and event venue) in Thurmont, MD. It was a fun event at a gorgeous venue with lots of great people from the Washington D.C. area and beyond.

The co-distilled batch (two species distilled at once) was a mix of English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and French Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) that was harvested and dried at Springfield Manor in May, 2023. The aroma is floral, sweet, complex and relaxing.

This is a limited, one-off batch but we are cultivating our own English Lavender for future batches. Our plants are still small but we hope to get one small harvest/batch in 2024!

This was our first batch in our new custom off-grid small/test still and it went beautifully! The still is heated with propane, is quite portable and can be cooled in the field with ~40 gallons of recirculating cooling water and a tiny 12V aquarium pump powered by a car battery.

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2ml Sample Sized Dropper Bottle ($12), 5ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($25)


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