Himalayan Cedar (Leaf) Essential Oil

100% Pure Himalayan/Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara) Leaf essential oil. Steam-distilled from pruned needles and small branches. This is a rare leaf essential oil from the revered “Tree of Gods.”  Notes of Green Tea with pine & mild herbal spice. Please see the detailed description below for suspected medicinal properties.

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Batch CD-001 (April, 2019)

Himalayan Cedar, also known as Deodar cedar, is a “true cedar” (unlike any that are native to North America) and is closely related to Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani). It has a long history of medicinal use and reverence in Himalayan cultures; including the high mountain regions of Northern India, Nepal, Southwestern Tibet, Northern Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan. The Sanskrit origin of Deodara is deva-dāru, meaning “Divine Tree” or “Tree of Gods.”

The aroma of this essential oil is complex and difficult to describe. We detect a sort of Green Tea theme with woody, sweet pine and spicy undertones.

The above photo is one of two trees on a college campus in Shelby, NC that were pruned to improve the trees’ appearance and eliminate vine intrusion. We distilled these needles and small branches to collect a unique essential oil.

Since the essential oil of this species is usually made from the heartwood, we have struggled to find information about the chemistry and uses for the essential oil of its needles. However we did find one source (downloadable without an account) that describes the chemical composition of Cedrus deodara leaves/needles (chemical properties are collated from our own research). Interestingly, it seems to share several major constituents with the essential oil of Cannabis.

  • Benzaldehyde – 19.4% (Almond aroma, GRAS, possible anti-cancer properties)
  • β-caryophyllene – 10.9% (Aroma between cloves and turpentine, food additive, also found in cannabis & hops)
  • Myrcene – 10.7% (Balsamic & Peppery aroma, also found in Cannabis & Hops)
  • Germacrene D – 9.35% (Fig-like aroma; woody & sweet, anti-microbial & insecticidal)
  • β-pinene – 5.85% (woody-green pine aroma, anti-inflammatory)
  • α-pinene – 5.65% (pine aroma, anti-inflammatory, thought to be a memory & alertness aid)
  • Limonene – 2.7% (Lemon aroma, solvent, flavoring ingredient)
  • β-humulene – 1.9% (Hops aroma, anti-inflammatory, suspected relaxant)
  • β-himachalene – 1.9% (Primary component of Cedrus wood oils, thought to help the body deal with pain)
  • δ-Cadinene – 1.9% (thyme/herbal odor, acaricidal [arachnid killer])
  • γ-muurolene – 1.75% (herbal/woody/spicy aroma, found in carrots & thought to play a role in metabolism)
  • α-himachalene – 1.4% (very similar to β-himachalene, also found in Anise & Oregano)

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