Lime (Distilled) Essential Oil


100% Pure Lime (Citrus x latifolia) Peel essential oil, steam distilled from fresh “waste” organic lime peels from a local beverage maker. This oil smells absolutely divine; just like limes but super sweet. Disinfectant, deodorizing and powerfully cleansing! A bonus of distilled citrus oils (vs pressed) is that they are not photosensitizing.

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Batch CXL-002 (September 2018):

This pure lime essential oil is steam-distilled from fresh, organic, US and Mexican-grown lime peels that were juiced at Devil’s Foot Beverage in Woodfin, NC.  The juice was used to make their delicious, all-natural sparkling limeade.

Each 5ml bottle of this beautiful oil contains the whole rinds from 28 juiced limes! Since steam-distilled citrus peels don’t contain the chemicals that cause photosensitivity, this essential oil is great for (well-diluted) topical use.

Organic Lime Peels


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2 ml Dropper Bottle ($8), 5 ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($20), 10 ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($30)


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