Lime (Distilled) Essential Oil

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100% Pure Lime (Citrus x latifolia) Peel essential oil, steam distilled from fresh “waste” organic lime peels from a local beverage maker. This oil smells absolutely divine; just like limes but super sweet. Disinfectant, deodorizing and powerfully cleansing! A bonus of distilled citrus oils (vs pressed) is that they are not photosensitizing.

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Batch CXL-005 (March 2019):

This pure lime essential oil is steam-distilled from fresh, organic, US and Mexican-grown lime peels that were juiced at Devil’s Foot Beverage in Woodfin, NC.  The juice was used to make their delicious, all-natural sparkling limeade.

Each 5ml bottle of this beautiful oil contains the whole rinds from 28 juiced limes! Since steam-distilled citrus oils don’t contain the chemicals that cause photosensitivity, this essential oil is great for (well-diluted) topical use.

Organic Lime Peels


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2 ml Dropper Bottle ($8), 5 ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($16), 10 ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($30)

1 review for Lime (Distilled) Essential Oil

  1. Thomas

    I often add a few drops of this lime essential oil to the diffuser with other oils and have found that it compliments or enhances the smell of many other oils. It also smells great on its own, of course.

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