New Lower Pricing, New Essential Oils

We’ve made a few changes to our online shop. We’ve taken shipping costs out of our product prices so they are now lower! Shipping is a flat $4 per order and free for website orders over $50.

We have also added two new species to our offerings, Eastern Hemlock and Eastern Red Cedar.

Tsuga_canadensis_foliageconesEastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) Harvested from storm-damaged, wild-crafted trees. Distilled from the needles, cones and twigs. Woodsy, pine, earthy, masculine. Also called Canadian Hemlock, this oil is grounding and promotes balance.


Juniperus_virginianaEastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) This complex needle oil has bright citrus and pine top notes with a tapestry of other earthy elements subtly noticeable on the exhale. Juniper species’ leaf oils are commonly used in meditation practices and detox routines. Wild-harvested to protect a no-spray apple orchard from cedar rust.


Something Else

We won’t say much right now but in the next few weeks Blue Ridge Aromatics will announce an exciting new opportunity that will mean an expanded variety of native and desirable exotic species to distill!

Thank you for reading this and enjoy the turning of the season!

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