African Blue Basil Essential Oil


100% Pure, organically-grown African Blue Basil essential oil (Ocimum, kilimandscharicum x basilicum “Dark Opal”). The aroma of this oil is beautiful and complex; sweet and spicy basil notes with mild, earthy camphor and hints of blueberries and lavender. Sinus-clearing, anti-bacterial and energizing.*

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Batch OK-002 (October 2018):

African Blue Basil is an accidental hybrid between “Dark Opal” Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum, var “Dark Opal”) and Africa’s Camphor Basil (Ocimum kilimandscharicum). It combines the traditional basil aromas of sweet herb, spice and a little anise, with the vibrant and earthy camphor and floral notes of its African parent. The “color” of this exceedingly beautiful aroma is best described as magenta. Although it can only survive winters in warmer climates, it is a perennial herb that produces beautiful new lavender-colored flowers throughout the growing season. Pollinators love it! African Blue Basil

We grow African Blue Basil as an annual using organic practices, no fertilizer and pure mountain spring water on our Forest Farm.  Each 5ml bottle contains the pure aromatic essence from 3.85 pounds of fresh herbs.

African Blue Basil

Basil oil is considered to be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, a diuretic and stimulating to the nervous and adrenal systems, while African Camphor Basil (this hybrid’s other parent) is often used in herb form for respiratory ailments.*

To our knowledge, this is the only African Blue Basil essential oil available on the market. This is a unique hybrid species that, until now, has been a largely ornamental plant. The floral notes and camphor content reduce this herb’s culinary appeal but they’re great for aromatherapy use. As the world’s first African Blue Basil essential oil users, you, our customers, have the unique opportunity to help us introduce a new beautiful essential oil to the larger market! We welcome and encourage your feedback!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Further, this product is not intended for consumption.

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2ml Dropper Bottle ($20), 5ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($40)


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