Fraser Fir Essential Oil

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Christmas Tree in a bottle, literally! Steam-distilled from Fraser Fir needles and small branches grown in the Southern Appalachians. This smells so much like a fresh cut tree that people look for a tree when they walk in your house. Fresh green balsamic top notes with a mild vanilla-like sweetness and a beautiful earthy forest undertone.


Batch AF-023 (October, 2023):

Our Fraser Fir batches come from high elevation (4,000′), no-spray “junk” Christmas Trees that are too large and haven’t been groomed or sprayed with pesticides, herbicides or fungicides for the past 8+ years. This Avery County, NC tree farm is unable to sell these trees since they are so large and scraggly but they want to plant new trees on this acreage. So rather than clear-cut them, we have partnered in a mutually beneficial arrangement that means no-spray essential oil and a more environmental solution for using and replacing these beautiful trees!

Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri), also known locally as the “She Balsam,” is a Western North Carolina native species, a relic from the last ice age’s southern Boreal forest, stranded on isolated sub-alpine mountain tops. The “She Balsam” name comes from the balsamic aroma, the soft-tipped needles and the “breast-like blisters” of sap that form on the trunk. It is one of the most common species used for Christmas trees and the majority of the Christmas trees that have graced the White House have been Fraser Firs from Western North Carolina. This species is famous for its long needle-retention time, soft needles and beautiful fragrance. Each 5ml bottle contains the pure aromatic essence of 1.5 lbs of fresh needles and branches.

Fraser Fir oil is similar to Balsam Fir oil, although sweeter. It is a very powerful aroma and a few drops go a long way. Chemically-speaking, Fraser Fir oil is expectorant and respiratory-clearing. The aroma puts a smile on peoples’ faces and, not-surprisingly, this is our best-selling essential oil.

Fraser Fir

We have had our Fraser Fir essential oil analyzed with GC-FID by a third party lab specializing in essential oils and the major components are:

  • Δ3-Carene – 21.2% – Monoterpene
  • a-Pinene – 20% – Monoterpene
  • B-Pinene – 13.7% – Monoterpene
  • Bornyl Acetate – 12.2% – Monoterpene ester
  • Camphene – 8.8% – Monoterpene
  • Limonene – 8% – Monoterpene
  • Santene – 3.1% – Normonoterpene
  • 1.8-Cineole – 2.5% – Monoterpene ether

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2 ml Sample Size ($8), 5 ml ($16), 10 ml ($30), 15 ml ($40)

9 reviews for Fraser Fir Essential Oil

  1. Sarah

    We were excited to hear that Fraser Fir Essential Oil would be available and were really looking forward to getting it. Our order was quick to arrive and we have enjoyed it already. We buy a freshly cut tree every year, but as the season goes on, we get used to the scent and as the tree dries out, the effect is lost. This oil is the perfect way to bring the smell of Christmas back home.

  2. Leah (verified owner)

    I’ve been searching for the perfect christmas tree smell, and this is it! I’ve tried pine, and balsam fir but neither had the exact christmas tree smell I was hoping for. This fraser fir oil is perfect, it smells just as I had hoped and I seriously recommend it if you want an essential oil that smells like a christmas tree.

  3. Julia (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for the good Fraser Fir essential oil for years now, and I’m so happy I finally found one! I just received my bottle, and I just can’t get enough of this perfect scent! Seriously, don’t waste your money on other brands, just get Blue Ridge and you won’t be disappointed!
    Ian, thank you so much! I’m happy 🙂

  4. anne

    It is Christmas in a bottle! Extraordinary. Thank you so much for providing it, Ian.

  5. lehac1 (verified owner)

    It is Christmas in a bottle ! When I got my order I opened up closed my eyes and it was Christmas in Maine and I live in Florida , it’s the best smell to take you away for awhile if your looking for the best it’s right here don’t look any place else because you will be wasting your time . Thank you folks from blue ridge aromatics is the BEST !!!

  6. Jane P. Inancsi

    Just wondering if you sell your oils anywhere around Roanoke VA???

    • ilmontgo (verified owner)

      Hi Jane, thank you for your question. It has been some time since they placed an order with us but Blue Ridge Essentials in Lexington, VA is relatively close to Roanoke.

  7. Shari Kress-Henderson (verified owner)

    A wonderful aroma just smelling from the bottle but diffusing it is the icing on the cake. This oil brings a clean, fresh, woodsy scent into our home and makes me feel like I’m walking through a forest of fir trees sprinkled with freshly fallen snow. It’s great diffused alone and also paired with Eastern Hemlock. Personally I find it more of a daytime oil, keeping me focused. Purchased 2 bottles of 10 ml Fraser in Sept/Oct and already on my 2nd bottle. Time to order again! : )

    • ilmontgo (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your kind words Shari!

  8. Blayde Stone

    I am a “Smellaholic” in the best sense of the word, not to mention a compulsive “Review Addict” just to boot. After reviewing and carefully scrutinizing many so-called pine scented products….Ta Da !! I have found by far the best smelling Fraser Fir essential oil !! Hats off to Blue Ridge Aromatics for a truly great smelling product…. This is our first purchase but will not be the last!!

  9. Laura J. (verified owner)

    I was gifted a diffuser last year and decided to try to find the perfect essential oil to diffuse during the holiday season. The Fraser Fir is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Tree scented candles don’t hold a candle to this! Hahaha.

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