White Cedar (Leaf) Essential Oil

100% Pure Thuja occidentalis essential oil, steam-distilled in Western North Carolina from no-spray landscape trimmings. Northern White Cedar (aka Arborvitae, Thuja) has a native range from the Canadian Arctic to the Southern Appalachians with a strikingly sweet and fruity balsam aroma. Energizing & stimulating; see further details/warnings below*

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Batch TO-001 (February 2019)

Steam-distilled from the needles and small branches of Thuja occidentalis, each 5ml bottle contains the pure essence from 1.8 lbs of no-spray landscaping trimmings. Arborvitae is also known as Thuja and as Northern White Cedar (though not a true Cedar).

It has an invigorating, sweet conifer aroma and can be physically energizing/stimulating when diffused. If you have one of these trees in your landscape and have ever mowed over a branch, you will most likely recognize this beautiful and potent aroma.

*Thuja occidentalis essential oil contains thujone, a neuro-toxin. Thujone acts on the central nervous system as a GABA receptor blocker; likely causing synapses to fire more readily. Oils containing thujone can be physically stimulating so should be used carefully, not ingested, and any topical application should be diluted in a carrier oil.

Diffusing oils that contain thujone is safe for most healthy bodies but we do not recommend this oil for use around pregnant/nursing mothers, toddlers/babies or people with a tendency for seizures, epilepsy, anxiety or sleeplessness.

Many of the oil’s potential beneficial properties are a result of the irritating effects of thujone and its variants, such as increased blood and lymph circulation or scalp stimulation. As with most essential oils, we recommend dilution to around 5-1o drops per oz of carrier oil  (or soap/shampoo) for topical application and test on a small area before widespread use. It also kills and deters pests (a few pure drops in the mailbox will make those ants & spiders move out quickly!).*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

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2ml Sample Bottle ($7), 5ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($15), 10ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($28)


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