Cedarwood Virginia

100% Pure essential oil steam-distilled in Western North Carolina from Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) heartwood shavings. Excellent deodorizer and bug repellent. Smells just like Cedar wood. Dilute to 5% or less for pet or topical use.

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Batch JVW-001

Steam-distilled from “waste” heartwood shavings of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) sourced from a local woodshop. Beautiful Cedarwood aroma that is great for deodorizing and repelling pests. Cedarwood oil is often recommended by holistic vets as a natural alternative for treating ear mites, ear infections and fleas. Can also be used to “refresh” dry, unfinished cedar wood. Combine with Jojoba or Coconut oil and our Lemon essential oil to make a beautiful wood polish/cleaner!

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5 ml Euro Dropper ($14), 10 ml Euro Dropper ($25)


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