Lemon (Distilled) Essential Oil

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100% Pure Lemon (Citrus limon) Essential Oil. Steam-distilled in Western North Carolina from “waste” juiced, organic Lemon peels sourced from a local sparkling beverage manufacturer. Smells like pure, beautiful and potent Lemon zest with a subtle earthiness.

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Batch LCL-012 (February 2021):

We have partnered with Devil’s Foot Brewing to turn their “waste” organic Lemon peels into beautiful pure Lemon essential oil! Devil’s Foot juices and zests the lemons to flavor their sparkling lemonade. Then we steam-distill the fresh peels.

The result is a 100% pure Lemon essential oil that smells incredible! Sweet Lemon with subtle earthy undertones.

Each 5ml bottle of this beautiful oil contains the whole rinds from 18 juiced lemons! Since steam-distilled citrus peels don’t contain the chemicals that cause photosensitivity, this essential oil is great for (well-diluted) topical use.


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2 ml Sample Size Dropper ($7), 5 ml Euro Dropper ($15), 10 ml Euro Dropper ($28), 15 ml Euro Dropper ($40)

3 reviews for Lemon (Distilled) Essential Oil

  1. Ian Bryan

    We side by side compared this to two other brands and the others had a flatness by comparison. I love how far a tiny amount goes with this oil.

  2. Mari Fox

    This lemon essential oil is by far my favorite on hand natural cleaning add on. I use it on my dryer balls to add a clean, crisp, summer scent to my sheets & towels and put it in my cleaning brew to boost the smell factor and cleaning power. Love this stuff!!

  3. Dee Denmark

    Can’t wait to try this! Is it also considered food grade?

    • ilmontgo

      Hi Dee and thank you for your question! Legally, to indicate our products for consumption would require that they be categorized as “Nutritional Supplements” with the FDA, which is not feasible at our current scale.

      Some essential oil species are poisonous if consumed while others are “Generally Recognized as Safe [for consumption]” (GRAS) by the FDA but only at extremely low dilutions (in an oil, emulsifier or fat). Lemon Peel essential oil is considered GRAS. We are not certified to produce food products but our process and oil-handling is sterile and GMP guidelines are followed. Our oils are 100% pure with no additives, diluents or adulterants. They are also handled only in stable materials such as stainless steel, glass and in the case of our bottle caps, chemical-resistant and PCB-free HDPE plastic (food grade plastic). This answer isn’t as simple as I wish it were but I hope it is helpful. Thanks again, – Ian

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