German Chamomile Essential Oil

100% Pure German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) Essential Oil. Earthy, calming and anti-inflammatory, German Chamomile is a gentle, therapeutic and deep-blue-colored essential oil. Steam-distilled from fresh, biodynamically-farmed flowering tops.

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Batch MC-001 (June, 2018):

This amazing batch of German (Blue) Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) essential oil was steam-distilled from the flowering tops and has a rich, translucent blue color.

The plants were grown at Pangaea Plants, a Demeter-Certified Biodynamic farm near Lake Lure, NC. Extended periods of rain and some flooding meant the harvest got postponed too long. So the flowers had seeded and were no longer ideal for drying/packaging. 

German Chamomile oil gets its rich blue coloring from Chamazulene, which is created from Azulene during the distillation process. Not only pretty, Chamazulene is an anti-inflammatory compound and unlike many other anti-inflammatory essential oils, German Chamomile oil is gentle enough to be considered a “kids oil.” Dilution and testing before widespread use is still recommended as those with allergies to asters could react. German Chamomile oil is commonly used for a variety of skin treatments and for relaxation.

The aroma is an earthy stroll through a garden. Aromas of grass/hay and some would say cured tobacco, mix with hints of black tea and flower nectar. It’s like that Chamomile tea you are used to but super concentrated and with more complexity! Each 2 ml bottle contains the pure aromatic essence from 5.7 lbs of fresh flowering tops!

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