Hemp (Flower) Essential Oil

100% Pure Essential Oil, steam-distilled from dried, organically-grown but flood-damaged Suver HazeĀ Hemp (Cannabis sativa) plants. This all-flower essential oil has a potent marijuana aroma with green/grassy and sour undertones. No THC or significant CBD. Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene give this essential oil anti-inflammatory properties.

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Batch CS-002 (February, 2018):

Hemp essential oil is also known as raw “Terp Oil” in the greater Cannabis industry. Being steam-distilled from dried hemp (Cannabis sativa) flowers/buds, it does not contain THC or CBD. Instead, it is simply the aromatic compounds (like an essential oil from any other plant).

This batch was made from the “Suver Haze” strain of hemp plants that were selectively bred from a popular marijuana strain to remove the THC content and increase the CBD content while also providing close aromatic/flavor characteristics to its original marijuana breed. The hemp plants were grown with a permit from the NC Pilot Industrial Hemp Program in Old Fort, NC at Jah Works Farm, using organic practices. The plants were damaged in flooding from hurricane remnants so were not marketable as CBD flowers.Each 5ml bottle of our Hemp Essential Oil contains the pure essence from 1.2 lbs of dried flowers. The aroma is a complex tapestry. The initial burst of aroma is very much like skunky marijuana; but with focused inhalation one detects sweet and sour green notes with an earthy base. The primary components of Hemp essential oil are Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene, which are anti-inflammatory. Humulene (like in Hops) adds sedative properties to Hemp flower essential oil.**

*An important distinction between Cannabis essential oil and blended terpene products: Cannabis essential oil is made directly from the plant and contains all of the trace aromatic compounds that make up the plant’s smell. Terpene blends (available in a variety of profiles/strains like White Widow) are not extracted directly from that strain, but instead are blended from base terpenes (aroma compounds) isolated from various plants or synthesized in a lab.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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2 ml Dropper Bottle ($20), 5 ml Euro Dropper Bottle ($45)


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