Lemon & Lime (Co-Distilled) Essential Oil

100% Pure Lemon (Citrus limon) and Lime (Citrus x latifolia) Co-Distilled Essential Oil. Steam-distilled in Western North Carolina from “waste” juiced, organic Lemon & Lime peels sourced from a local Ginger Beer and soft drink manufacturer. Smells really sweet and clean! *Just 2 bottles left*

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Batch CLL-001 (May 2019):

We have partnered with Devil’s Foot Brewing to turn their “waste” organic Lemon and Lime peels into beautiful pure essential oil! Devil’s Foot juices and zests the fruits to flavor their sparkling lemonade. Then we steam-distill the fresh peels. This special co-distilled batch is the essential oil resulting from distilling the lemon and lime peels together.

Organic Lime Essential Oil

The result is a 100% pure Lemon/Lime essential oil that smells incredible! Sweet lemon and lime top notes, a hint of sweet & tart fruity cereal and subtle earthy undertones.

Each 5ml bottle of this beautiful oil contains the whole rinds from 12 juiced lemons and 8 juiced limes! Since steam-distilled citrus peels don’t contain the chemicals that cause photosensitivity, this essential oil is great for (well-diluted) topical use. It is also a freshening & sweet-smelling addition to surface cleaners and works wonderfully on wool dryer balls.



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2 ml Sample Size Dropper ($7), 5 ml Euro Dropper ($15), 10 ml Euro Dropper ($28), 15 ml Euro Dropper ($40)


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